21.12.2017 - 11:46 Uhr - Jack the Ripper als engl. Hörspiel

Frank Gustavus feierte seinen Einstand als Hörspielmacher mit "Jack the Ripper". Genau dieses Hörspiel ist es, was als "Audio Drama" von Lübbe - für den englisch sprechenden Markt - herausgegeben wurde. Glück für uns, denn Audible hat es auch für die deutsche Kundschaft freigegeben. "Jack The Ripper - The Story of a Murderer" scheint der Auftakt einer neuen englischen Hörspielserie zu sein, denn "True Crimes 1" prangt auf dem Cover.

Jack the Ripper: A Story of a Murderer
Written by: Frank Gustavus
Starring: Neil Dudgeon, David Rintoul, Carl Prekopp and others

His true identity has never been revealed. His victims faced the abyss of human insanity. His name is Jack the Ripper. London, 1888. In the poor district of Whitechapel, women are found dead, their bodies brutally disfigured. The victims’ ripped throats are proof of a bestiality and cruelty, which has never been seen before. The investigation of the police leads to no satisfying results. Soon, the public calls the culprit “Jack the Ripper” – a serial killer who stalks the streets of Whitechapel at night and viciously kills ... In this Audio Movie, Jack the Ripper and his story come alive. Discover the dark world of London in the year 1888 and be part of the breathtaking and heart-pounding manhunt for one of the most notorious and feared criminals in British history. Enthralling cinema for your ears with none other than the famous actor Neil Dudgeon (Midsomer Murders, Life of Riley) as Jack the Ripper!

Verfasser: Detlef Kurtz
Quelle: Lübbe Audio auf YouTube

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